Brave WNBA Stars to Run the Say Yes to the Dress Gauntlet

Tulsa Shock's Glory Johnson is engaged to Phoenix Mercury's Brittney Griner—an engagement between two rival players is a WNBA first—and tonight the two will subject themselves to Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. » 1/30/15 1:50pm 1/30/15 1:50pm

​Brittney Griner Is Off the Market, Engaged to Glory Johnson

Today in true love that you could only dream of having, WNBA superstar and all around hero Brittney Griner just got engaged to her girlfriend Glory Johnson. She posted a very cute picture of her, sporting a pink bowtie, proposing to Johnson on Instagram last night. Looks like they were surrounded by friends and/or… » 8/16/14 3:31pm 8/16/14 3:31pm

WNBA's Brittney Griner is The First Openly Gay Athlete To Sign With Nike

22-year-old Brittney Griner, the number one pick in the WNBA draft this year, new Phoenix Mercury player and someone you will instantly like after seeing this picture, has become the first out-and-proud athlete to be signed to an endorsement deal by Nike. » 4/27/13 12:30pm 4/27/13 12:30pm

Top WNBA Pick Brittney Griner Talks About Being ‘Out’ in Pro Sports

Brittney Griner, the former basketball standout at Baylor who on Tuesday saw her amazing basketball skills validated when the Chicago Sky chose her first overall in the WNBA draft, sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Maggie Gray recently to discuss, among things like becoming super-famous and making armfuls of… » 4/18/13 11:15pm 4/18/13 11:15pm

Baylor University Baller Brittney Griner Might Get a Shot at the NBA,…

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban caused a bit of a stir on Tuesday night when he said that he had "no problem whatsoever" with allowing Baylor University centre and women's college basketball's all-time leading shot-blocker Brittney Griner a chance to try out for a spot on Dallas' summer league team. » 4/04/13 1:05pm 4/04/13 1:05pm

Calling an Athletic Woman Manly Accomplishes Nothing But Making You…

Brittney Griner, the 6'8" powerhouse who lead the Baylor Bears to the NCAA women's basketball championship last night, is a phenomenal athlete and a helluva ball player. So good, in fact, that her detractors have found a totally original and hilarious way to insult her: by calling her a man. » 4/04/12 7:15pm 4/04/12 7:15pm

Baylor Women's Basketball Caps Perfect Season With National Championship

The Baylor University women's basketball team defeated the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish to win the NCAA women's national championship last night, becoming the first basketball team in NCAA history to win 40 games in a season and only the seventh women's team ever to remain unbeaten for an entire season. The victory was… » 4/04/12 1:10pm 4/04/12 1:10pm

Androgynous Athletes Not Exactly "Revolutionizing" Beauty Standards

Let's play a super-fun drinking game! Take a shot every time we find another thing that's wrong with today's article on Baylor basketball star Brittney Griner and "changing standards of beauty." » 4/06/10 6:00pm 4/06/10 6:00pm

Lindsay Continues To Impersonate A Fashion Designer; Lara Does Armani

Women Behaving Badly: Unsportsmanlike Behavior Sparks Debate

Baylor University's Brittney Griner was recently suspended for punching another player in the face. This incident, coupled with Elizabeth Lambert's hair-pulling infraction, leads Jeré Longman to wonder what's up with the ladies? » 3/22/10 6:00pm 3/22/10 6:00pm