The British Have Naked Slumber Parties, but No One Else Is Invited

So not only are British men wallowing in grimy, fluid-dappled bedsheets, the British people — as in, the nation of proud, austere, emotionally cloistered monarch sycophants — are quite fond of sleeping naked, because all that stiff-upper-lip stuff needs some kind of an outlet, and going to bed without first corralling… »9/07/13 4:00pm9/07/13 4:00pm


The Five Most British Reactions to Honey Boo Boo's UK Debut

Honey Boo Boo personifies America in a way that perhaps no other single person in our time does. Her penchant for sketti and go-go juice is paired with a nonchalant progressive attitude towards gays and politics, not to mention she's a great body-positive role model. In the U.S., Boo Boo has been a divisive issue,… »5/22/13 6:15pm5/22/13 6:15pm

Florence Green, the Last Surviving WWI Veteran, Has Died at 110

The final living veteran of World War I died peacefully in her sleep this weekend at the impressive age of 110. Florence Green enlisted in Britain's Royal Air Force in 1918 at the tender age of 17 and served during the final two months of the war. She would have turned 111 on February 19th. She outlived the last two… »2/07/12 9:45pm2/07/12 9:45pm

British Woman Becomes the First Person to Ski Across Antarctica Alone

If the winter weather is getting to you, imagine how British skier Felicity Aston must have felt. She just returned today from a solo ski expedition across Antarctica. She is the first woman—and first human—to complete such a journey alone. The trip took her 59 days, during which she was powered only by her own… »1/23/12 9:45pm1/23/12 9:45pm

Andy Auctions Off Nude Tennis Lesson • Dubai Beach Sex Couple Get 3 Months In Jail

• Andy Roddick auctioned off a nude private tennis lesson »10/16/08 5:30pm10/16/08 5:30pm at Elton John's Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits AIDS Benefit over the weekend. The winning bid? $15,000. • Speaking of nudes, is unveiling the , a limited series of wines that range from $90 to $320/bottle and feature different covers. • Meanwhile,…

Sexist Advertising: Would Banning Or Boycotts Be More Effective?

Last week, the British Parliament called for »9/08/08 12:00pm9/08/08 12:00pm "zero-tolerance" on sexist advertising. Their intent is to encourage the industry to improve. According to their report, stereotypes in advertising can "straitjacket women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often…