British Domestic Abuse Survivor Required to Write Letters to Abuser 

In 2011, Natalie Allman survived a brutal attack by her then-boyfriend Jason Hughes. After Allman broke up with the father of her children, Hughes broke into her home beat her with dumbbells, smothered her with a pillow, and slit her throat. The attack lasted for seven hours before Allman was able to alert the… »2/15/15 3:00pm2/15/15 3:00pm

White Male Politician Complains Bitterly About 'Reverse Glass Ceiling'

A member of Great Britain's Parliament says he's not running for re-election in large part because, due to "political correctness," no one can suceed there except women and people of color. Retiring MP Ian Swales claimed in a recent interview that there's an "opposite" of a glass ceiling in Parliament, where white men… »2/06/15 2:30pm2/06/15 2:30pm

Stop Drinking, You're Ruining Your Rape Case

In Oxford, England, Judge Mary Jane Mowat said women drinking too much is keeping the country’s rape conviction rate low at just 24 percent. This could also be read as women out living their lives and having a good night out should stop living their lives and having a good night out to prevent rape. So, where are the… »8/26/14 12:50pm8/26/14 12:50pm

Obits: WWII Code Breaker Mavis Batey Rocked the Hardest Word Jumble

This puzzle box that Elizabeth and Philip are fretting over is an enigma code breaking machine, and is probably pretty similar to a device used by the late Mavis Batey, one of Britain's only female code breakers during World War II. Batey died earlier this month at the age of 92, but her efforts at unscrambling the… »11/24/13 6:30pm11/24/13 6:30pm

Britain Launches Nationwide Pro-Choice Awareness Campaign; Anti-Choicers Predictably Freak Out

Some British anti-choicers are in a huff because they think the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Britain's largest abortion provider, is "capitalizing" on recent controversy over cuts to the time limit for abortion with their new nationwide awareness campaign. Because women shouldn't know about the options… »10/15/12 10:30am10/15/12 10:30am

Britain's New Health Secretary in Favor of Reducing Abortion Cutoff From 24 to 12 Weeks

Although abortion isn't quite a hot button in the UK as it is stateside, it looks like they're following our shitty example across the pond. Back in March, a fervent anti-abortion group filmed women coming out of a London clinic. The BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) is worried that the increasingly stigmatic… »10/06/12 6:15pm10/06/12 6:15pm

Kates Middleton And Moss Have Inspired British Women To Cover Up More

According to the New York Daily News, a Parisian fashion company called Georgede surveyed the skirt lengths of Europe (great novel title, BTW) and found that English women wear longer skirts and less revealing tops than the rest of Europe—an average of 10 centimeters longer, specifically. There's speculation that the… »6/30/12 4:30pm6/30/12 4:30pm

Finally, a Real Reason to Cry Over Spilled Milk

It has been drilled into us since childhood that there's no use crying over spilled milk, but it turns out that spilled milk—specifically milk wasted by people who buy it and don't use it—has a real effect on the environment. Scientists found that the milk poured down the drains of UK's residents has the same carbon… »5/15/12 10:25am5/15/12 10:25am