So Much Good Real-Life Style at the Brit Awards

I am constantly hammering this point because it's true: British fashion right now is, on the whole, so much more creative and interesting than American fashion. That's certainly true on the runway, but it's also true on the red carpet, even moreso with musicians, because on the whole British women aren't as bananas… »2/25/15 10:04pm2/25/15 10:04pm


Lorde and Disclosure Performed This Mashup for You

Lorde continued her plan of world domination at the Brit Awards in London last night, where she performed with the electronic duo, Disclosure. The Grammy winner performed "Royals" and Disclosure followed up with their hit, "White Noise" featuring songstress Aluna Francis as their surprise guest. Later in the evening,… »2/20/14 10:20am2/20/14 10:20am

Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse At Brit Awards: Is She Better Or Worse Post-Rehab?

Last night, Amy Winehouse took the stage with Mark Ronson to sing their cover of the Zutons' "Valerie." (How fucking adorbz is Ronson's mod look?) Amy's performances in the middle of her downward spiral were a hot mess to say the least, but after seeing the clip above as well as her performance at the Grammys last… »2/21/08 11:00am2/21/08 11:00am