The Wild, Pointless World of Bristol Palin Pregnancy Conspiracy Theories 

On December 23, Bristol Palin gave birth to her second child, a girl christened Sailor Grace. That is, anyway, what the sheeple mass media would have you believe. For the truth, let’s visit an increasingly hairy series of blogs, all of which claim that Sailor was born in November and presented to the world a month…


Sarah Palin: Ahmed Mohamed Is a Terrorist, Probably, Or at Least 'Obstinate' 

While much of the world is charmed by and sympathetic towards Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas ninth-grader handcuffed at school for the crime of building a clock, the Palin family would like you to know they are not amused. Both Bristol Palin and now Mama Bear Sarah have weighed in to say, roughly: “That dang thing looks…


Someone Who Cares Way Too Much About Dancing With the Stars Sends Bristol Palin a Threatening Package

Uuuuugh, get a grip, humans! Some crazy person who really really really doesn't enjoy Bristol Palin's attempts at the Samba (I assume he was hoping for the Pachanga) mailed a suspicious package filled with white mystery powder to CBS. The accompanying note explained that, "This is what will happen to you if Bristol…

Celebrity Fight! Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Sue Billy Corgan, Saying He Terrorized Them With a Big Tree

Wow, okay. Wow. Once in a long while a story comes along that makes all this dirt-baggin' worth it. Specifically, for me, it happens when totally rando celebrities get mad at each other over mundane shit and I get to imagine them sitting in a room and yelling at each other. The best!!! Case in point: Rebecca Gayheart