Worst Bride Ever Throws Facebook Fit Over $100 Cash Wedding Gift

Weddings are such complicated business. Entitled people want cash, not gifts! Or, as this terrible Facebook message from a bride/horrible mean person demonstrates, sometimes people (perplexingly) do not want cash. Or at least, they do not want a paltry amount of cash. Like $100. $100 is not enough for some people. »7/03/13 4:40pm7/03/13 4:40pm

Strapless Wedding Dresses, We Are on to Your Bullshit

It's not a secret that strapless bridal dresses are about as ubiquitous as that scene in movies where the officiant asks people in attendance at a wedding to speak up or forever hold their peace and someone speaks up, with comical results. But why? Strapless gowns are nearly universally unflattering, they're tough to… »5/18/12 1:20pm5/18/12 1:20pm