June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson Made a Movie About Pageant Life

Writing partners June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson might have been responsible for the ... that was Bride Wars, but now they're back with Ass Backwards, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year. The movie comes out on the big screen in September and stars Raphael and Wilson as Kate and Chloe, who have been best… » 8/30/13 6:50pm 8/30/13 6:50pm

Bride Wars An Insult To Women, Brain Cells

Have you seen the steaming pile of monkey dung that is the trailer for the upcoming Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson chick flickstravaganza Bride Wars » 10/22/08 3:20pm 10/22/08 3:20pm? Well here it is, and it's pretty offensive to anyone with a soul or a comedic sensibility. The movie is about two women who are OMG BFFS forevs, until it turns out that they…