Jack White's 'Violent Temper' Earns Him Restraining Order From His Ex

After months of alleged harassment and threats, Karen Elson has filed a restraining order against her husband, a ghost named Jack White, and claimed that he is unfit to be a parent. » 8/02/13 9:00am 8/02/13 9:00am

While You Were Sleeping Cory Monteith Checked Into Rehab (Again)

Glee star and "Frankenteen" Cory Monteith, who's previously been open about his troubled past as a delinquent teenager, has checked into rehab for substance abuse. His rep confirms to People: "[Monteith] has voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction [...] He graciously asks for your… » 4/01/13 9:00am 4/01/13 9:00am

Rihanna and Chris Brown Snuggle At Grammys, Don't Give a Shit

Four years to the day after Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna on the way home from Clive Davis' pre-Grammys party in 2009, here they are snuggling at last night's ceremonies. While it's been public knowledge for a while that the two are back together—she even accompanied him to court on Wednesday and blew him… » 2/11/13 9:00am 2/11/13 9:00am

Beyoncé Goes H.A.M. at Super Bowl, Announces Imminent World Domination

So last night Beyoncé literally blew the lights out at the Super Bowl with a powerhouse performance featuring Destiny's Child (dammit, why "Bootylicious"? If they had done "Survivor" or "Bills Bills Bills," I would have jumped on the coffee table and dumped the nacho dip over my head like a 'roid-riddled athlete… » 2/04/13 9:00am 2/04/13 9:00am

Rumor Has It the Father of Jodie Foster’s Kids Was Gay Casting Director

One of the criticisms of Jodie Foster's already legendary Golden Globes speech was the idea of expounding a need for personal privacy on, you know, a nationally broadcast awards show. Its detractors could have predicted this next turn of events, which, of course, is a resurgence in tabloid stories about Foster,… » 1/15/13 9:00am 1/15/13 9:00am

Rihanna Commandeers a Plane, Gets Journalists Wasted

To kick off her 777 tour, Rihanna's taken 200 bloggers and journalists on a Boeing 777 for a week. I've used my crack investigative skills to determine that everyone is getting fucked up and having a good time. At one point, Ri-Ri personally served cognac. One of the writers, Julieanne Smolinski, has a quick Q&A » 11/16/12 9:00am 11/16/12 9:00am

Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail Time for Lying to Police, but Who Fucking…

Oh, so Lindsay Lohan is facing a year of jail time for falsely telling police she wasn't driving her Porsche at the time of her June car accident? Well WHAT THE FUCK ELSE IS NEW. Is Lohan ever not doing some stupid shit that warrants jail time and then making me hear about it day and night? Does she have to distract… » 11/06/12 8:15pm 11/06/12 8:15pm

Megan Fox Had a Secret Baby, I Guess? Like, in September?

Apparently a baby came out of Megan Fox's birth canal and then nobody ever spoke of it. I mean, until just now. Either the info was kept tightly concealed on purpose or just nobody bothered to ask—but anyway, Fox gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Noah, noble heir to the Peach Pit After Dark fortune. Fox and beau … » 10/17/12 8:35pm 10/17/12 8:35pm

George Clooney And Jennifer Aniston Share Private Jet, Awkwardly Avoid…

George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston shared a private jet—the Glitter Person version of splitting a cab—in Switzerland. Were this an NYU freshman playwright's hastily-penned one-act, they would experience some turbulence and blurt out their long-held secrets, resentments and desires for… » 6/29/12 9:00am 6/29/12 9:00am

Megan Fox is Pregnant, Thanks to David Silver

The world is about to get that much more unattainably beautiful now that Megan Fox is said to be expecting her first child with Brian Austin Green. Megan has been stepmom to Brian's 10-year-old son Kassius since they got married back in 2010, and the couple are said to be pretty excited about adding to their family.… » 3/28/12 9:00am 3/28/12 9:00am

James Franco Causes Mania At Inside The Actors Studio

More than 250 industry insiders were turned away from a Franco appearance on the A&E program, and by "industry insiders," I'm sure they mean ladies who are totally trying to move in on your boyfriend and his sexually confusing mustache. » 11/28/10 10:30am 11/28/10 10:30am

Nicki Minaj Gets Feministy for the MTV Camera

15 Unlikely & Ill-Advised Celebrity Attempts At Rap

Since the invention of rap, celebrities have operated under the mistaken assumption that anyone who can speak over a beat can rap. Here, we've compiled 15 of the most mortifying rhymes from stars including Tom Hanks, Miley Cyrus, and Oprah. » 10/18/10 7:06pm 10/18/10 7:06pm

A Windswept Megan Fox Looks Pissed At The Paps

[Hollywood, October 9. Actress Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green picking up his son Kassius from karate class. Image via Flynet] » 10/10/10 1:13pm 10/10/10 1:13pm

Michael Lohan's Failed Attempt To Visit Lindsay In Rehab

Taylor Swift To Perform Song About Kanye At Tonight's VMAs

Orlando Spills The Beans About Miranda's Pregnancy

Lindsay Gets A New Lawyer, But Will Be Going To Jail; Paris Caught…

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