A Brief and Ridiculous History of the Bro-Choice Movement

Earlier this year, Choice USA launched a "Bro-Choice" campaign to encourage men to speak out against reproductive injustice. Cut to hordes of conservative bloggers lambasting an imaginary douche collective of "horny young men who think 'women's right to choose' translates to 'men's right to use.'" Uh, what? Here's how… » 7/17/13 6:15pm 7/17/13 6:15pm

Why Did the NRA Say That Sasha and Malia Have 11 Armed School Guards?…

Loyal Jezebel readers/ most people will have seen the charming NRA video which stays really classy by going after Obama's children and calling the President an "elitist hypocrite." Well, they released another video (because they are real auters of le cinema) in which they call Obama a "HYPOCRITE" again, for saying,… » 1/18/13 6:30pm 1/18/13 6:30pm