Adorable Drawings of Dog Breeds, Grouped By Their Place of Origin

Dog breeds can be a complicated subject, but, for better or worse, humans have been doing it for a long time. Breeds are not only instantly recognizable, the popular imagination has also tended to give dogs the same stereotypes of their nation of origin. But how many breeds and their homes can you actually name? »9/26/14 11:31am9/26/14 11:31am

Meet the Delusional Breeders Behind the World's Wild Crossbreed Cats

As a kid, you probably imagined what it would be like to have a pet lion or tiger that you could ride around on, cuddle up with it and have fuck up your enemies whenever they messed with you. Then, ideally, you grew up and learned that having a pet wild cat, while totally glamourous seeming, is not at all practical. »4/29/13 1:50pm4/29/13 1:50pm

Childless Men Are More Depressed and Sad Than Childless Women

The phrase "childless man" is about as common as "working father." In our culture there's an implicit priority of motherhood for all women, while men are simply thought of as men and not "potential parents." Interestingly, though, a new study finds that men are much more emotionally distraught by not having children… »4/03/13 10:25am4/03/13 10:25am

Childless People Die Early, But Adopting Can Save Your Miserable Life

The Daily Mail has perfected the art of trolling with its incendiary headlines, and today is no different. The article, "Childless couples have higher risk of dying prematurely but adopting may reduce chances of an early death," has an equally hilarious accompanying stock photo of a happily smug family, and refers to… »12/06/12 10:25am12/06/12 10:25am

Meet the Creepy Fellow Who Fathered Some 600 Children

If you were asked to think of the man who has fathered the most children in the world, who'd be your pick? Jim Bob Duggar? Or the anonymous man who fathered 150 children? Both good guesses, but it's more likely Bertold Wiesner, who is likely the father of some 600 children. How exactly did he come to be so prolific?… »4/09/12 11:20am4/09/12 11:20am