Donald Trump Told a Breastfeeding Female Lawyer She Was 'Disgusting'

The New York Times has a story today about Donald Trump’s behavior during depositions in the many lawsuits he’s party to. You’ll be shocked to learn that he lies, bloviates, exaggerates, and generally behaves like a cranky orange toddler in need of a time-out. In one particularly bizarre incident, a female lawyer… »7/29/15 11:00am7/29/15 11:00am


TSA Forces Woman to Use Her Breast Pump Before She Can Take It Through Security

In another shining moment in airport security history, a TSA agent at Kauai's Lihue Airport last week refused to let a woman bring her breast pump through security because the milk bottles were empty. Amy Strand, of Maui, was traveling with her 9-month old daughter and was carrying the electric pump. She was told she… »3/05/12 12:00pm3/05/12 12:00pm

Terrible Judge Says Woman Fired Over Pumping Breast Milk Wasn't Discriminated Against

In a curious decision, a judge in Texas has ruled that a woman who was fired after she asked for a place in the office to pump her breast milk was not discriminated against. Donnicia Venters was working at a debt collection agency called Houston Funding in 2008 when she gave birth to a daughter. As she was about to… »2/09/12 11:15pm2/09/12 11:15pm

Rachel Uchitel Mocked For Average-Priced 'Nipple Suckers' On Baby Registry

Nary a day goes by when TMZ doesn't say something absurd and offensive, but today the site went too far even for its own commenters when it picked through the baby registry of Rachel Uchitel, who just announced she's pregnant. The teenage boys who run the site found the items she requested outrageously expensive, such… »12/28/11 10:24pm12/28/11 10:24pm

Do Breast Pumps Make Moms Less Likely To Keep Nursing?

A new study found that among new moms who had difficulty getting their babies to breastfeed, pumping by hand rather than machine encouraged them to keep nursing longer. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, followed 68 moms who had trouble nursing shortly after birth, randomly assigning them to… »7/25/11 11:23pm7/25/11 11:23pm