Tough Guy Body Builders Can't Get Enough of Those Lactating Tittays

Gains: You know you want them, but you don't know how to get them. You could, like many bodybuilders, spend hours in a squat cage in between chugging protein supplements. But if you're savvy and hip to the new "science" you may just want to toss all your whey powder for a couple of drops of what one Michigan mom is… » 2/20/15 11:30am 2/20/15 11:30am

15 Arrested for Pumping Business Through Breast Milk Prostitution Ring

In China, breast milk is considered to be a luxury with healing properties. While some may find the idea of drinking breast milk disgusting as adults, the milk trade is booming in China and 15 were arrested on Monday in connection to a prostitution ring that provided customers both milk and sex. » 12/30/14 1:10pm 12/30/14 1:10pm

Robber Soaks Clerk, Helpless Customers With Weaponized Breast Milk

Tell me if you've heard this one before: A "robust" German woman walks into a supermarket, asks for a breast pump and then proceeds to soak not one, but two cashiers with her own breast milk. No? There's more. She's still on the loose. » 10/28/14 9:00pm 10/28/14 9:00pm

Breast Milk Butter Is the Sweetest, Creamiest Thing You've Ever Tasted

If you've always wanted to make butter from human breast milk, but don't know how, the internet is pleased to provide you with something you might have never even known you wanted: A tutorial detailing the magical process of transforming the fluid found in one's mammaries into a delectable breakfast treat. And there… » 10/08/14 7:15pm 10/08/14 7:15pm

How to Build a Breast Pump That Doesn't Suck

On Sunday afternoon 10 harried but happy teams of hackers shared their inventions in Shark Tank-style five-minute presentations. The goal? To reinvent a clunky necessity of modern parenting: the breast pump. » 9/23/14 3:30pm 9/23/14 3:30pm

Actual Complaints Against Employers Who Wouldn't Let Women Breastfeed

New mothers are given a slew of conflicting advice: they're told they must breastfeed their baby or they're a terrible parent, but also that they must go back to work and earn money as soon as they can or they're a lazy person (or, you know, in the case of most people who work because they have to and not because they… » 7/24/14 7:15pm 7/24/14 7:15pm

Dads Pretend to Breastfeed for Well-Intentioned But Annoying Campaign

Project Breastfeeding is a photo campaign featuring fathers pretending to breastfeed their infants. Its slogan, "If I could, I would," is meant to show male support of breastfeeding, but inadvertently comes off as another source of pressure in the "Breast is best" debate. » 3/05/14 11:40am 3/05/14 11:40am

Breastfeeding Benefits Have Been Exaggerated

Formula-feeding has been vilified in recent years, with new moms being told that if they don't breastfeed, they could be putting their child at risk for a slew of health, behavioral and developmental problems. But the findings of a new study suggest that's total bullshit. Breast might actually not be best. » 2/28/14 10:40am 2/28/14 10:40am

7 Foods and Beverages Made Using Ingredients from the Human Body

While eating human flesh may be the ultimate taboo, human microbes, saliva, and even hair have been integral to the making of certain food and beverages. From traditional brews to culinary concept art, here are seven edibles that started, in part, inside the human body. » 12/25/13 10:00am 12/25/13 10:00am

Breast Milk Sold Online Is Often Contaminated

The black market for human breast milk has turned into something of a cottage industry in recent years, but a new study has found that the milk donated through swaps or sold on the Internet often contains high levels of potentially dangerous bacteria, including salmonella. » 10/21/13 10:50am 10/21/13 10:50am

Breast-Milk-Flavored Lollipops Are Now Available for You to Suck On

Are you tired of the same old lollipops just sitting around in your mouth not tasting like a stranger's leaky breast? Well MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHERLOCK. After rigorous boob-milk taste-testing, the food scientists at one Austin-based candy company have managed to synthesize the flavor of human breast milk in the form of… » 6/07/13 10:50am 6/07/13 10:50am

Breast Milk Jewelry: Cool New Way for Moms to Tell the World They've…

Looking for a statement piece that screams, "I'm a mom and I've thrown in the towel, aesthetically," because your faded stretch pants and the food stains on your promotional T-shirt just aren't getting the message across? Well, you're in luck. For just $64 - $125 you can have your breast milk encapsulated into a… » 4/09/13 6:00pm 4/09/13 6:00pm

Texas Woman Beats the Breast Milk Donation Record by a Dizzying 23…

A woman from northern Texas has just obliterated the Guinness world record for donated breast milk by untapping her bounteous milk ducts and pouring forth 86.8 gallons of sustenance. The cup of infants everywhere indeed runneth over. » 10/28/12 4:30pm 10/28/12 4:30pm

Grown Man Is Sexually Aroused by Drinking Wife's Breast Milk

Meet Jeff, loving husband and father of two, who just happens to have a fetish for being breastfed. Luckily for him, Jeff's wife finds his fetish equally erotic. With a toddler and a newborn, she's been lactating for some time — and Jeff been sucking up the extra milk, straight from the source, as a part of the… » 7/16/12 12:50pm 7/16/12 12:50pm

Poor Moms Invest More in Their Daughters, Rich Moms Invest More in…

You might not think that a mother's breastmilk would vary much based on the sex of her offspring, but you would be wrong. It turns out a new study has found that when mothers in Kenya were poor, they produced fattier breast milk for their girls than they did for their boys. The roots of this research can be traced… » 6/24/12 9:45pm 6/24/12 9:45pm

Saudi Cleric Claims Allowing Ladies To Drive Will Lead To End of Virgins

A Saudi Arabian cleric has warned his fellow countrymen against lifting the country's ban on allowing women to drive, asserting that letting ladies take the wheel will lead to a complete extinction of virgins within 10 years. Because everyone knows that ladies will only use their newfound freedom to cars to drive… » 12/02/11 4:50pm 12/02/11 4:50pm

Do Breast Pumps Make Moms Less Likely To Keep Nursing?

A new study found that among new moms who had difficulty getting their babies to breastfeed, pumping by hand rather than machine encouraged them to keep nursing longer. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, followed 68 moms who had trouble nursing shortly after birth, randomly assigning them to… » 7/25/11 11:23pm 7/25/11 11:23pm

The Breast Milk Black Market

Victoria's Secret has convinced many people that breasts mainly exist to be pushed up and presented in an overpriced, lacey package for one's sexual enjoyment. Of course, their real function is to make milk that nourishes babies — and if you're willing to sell this precious body fluid on the black market, you could… » 5/19/11 3:00pm 5/19/11 3:00pm

The Joyful World Of Hands-Free Breast Pumping

While shopping around for crap I'll have to buy to prepare for the birth of my baby, I've been researching breast pumps. In doing so, I've learned of all the varied activities a new mom can do if she uses a hands-free breast pump. I realize that for many mothers, breast-pumping is a necessity, but will you really be… » 4/27/11 2:15pm 4/27/11 2:15pm