Of Course There's a Triple Boob Woman Halloween Costume

It seems like only yesterday that—in the world's worst high-profile hoax—Jasmine Tridevil rose to internet infamy (and immediately went back under the radar) after claiming she had a third boob surgically implanted onto her chest. Now, to keep her memory alive, you, YES YOU, can assemble a crappy Halloween costume… »9/27/14 6:29pm9/27/14 6:29pm

Actual Complaints Against Employers Who Wouldn't Let Women Breastfeed

New mothers are given a slew of conflicting advice: they're told they must breastfeed their baby or they're a terrible parent, but also that they must go back to work and earn money as soon as they can or they're a lazy person (or, you know, in the case of most people who work because they have to and not because they… »7/24/14 7:15pm7/24/14 7:15pm

Fight Stigma of Female Nipples With This Top That Looks Like Boobs

Female nipples are so out right now. Instagram doesn't want 'em. In most states, it's still illegal to wave 'em around even though the same standards of decency don't apply to men. And Facebook won't let you link to 'em in photos because decency, The Children, the female body is the root of all sin, etc. But a growing… »6/23/14 2:00pm6/23/14 2:00pm

A Message From the Chairwoman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I peaked, size wise, at the age of 10, when I bought my first training bra — that, with a bit of a tug across the torso, could certainly fit my bust line today. Vacillating between the funny gray area of a size 32AA and 32A (depending on the time of the month), as an adult woman my breasts hardly heave, but rather… »3/17/14 7:00pm3/17/14 7:00pm

Tweeting Bra Lets World Know When Someone Gets To 2nd Base

Protective parents, this is the technological breakthrough you’ve been waiting for: a bra with a Bluetooth device on the clasp that sends a tweet whenever a horny mook unhooks your daughter’s bra. You can probably even customize it to tweet a message at your local police precinct, something like: “my daughter is… »10/28/13 11:00am10/28/13 11:00am

Boobs Age Faster Than the Rest of Your Body, Because Nature Is a Dick

Back when I was in my early 20s, before I became the proud, dazzling, professional, skirt-suited woman-scholar that I am today (i.e. a hungry, unshowered, still-in-bed hangover-crone who's only managed to make it to semi-vertical today despite having had to pee for literally four hours), I used to make this joke in… »10/22/13 10:40am10/22/13 10:40am

Fun Breast Cancer® Awareness™ Products That Can Cause Breast Cancer®

Breast Cancer®, the America's Sweetheart of deadly, disfiguring diseases that it is, inspires a deluge of pink junk for sale every October. Some of that pink junk, in addition to being ugly, cloying, and infantilizing, contains chemicals that have been linked to boobs full of tumors. No Awareness™ like the Awareness™… »10/15/13 1:40pm10/15/13 1:40pm