Komen and Fracking Company Team Up to Cause and Cure Breast Cancer

Over the years, the Susan G. Komen foundation has found itself in a lot of dumb partnerships for the sake of breast cancer awareness, but their latest takes the pink frosted cake. Special for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the organization has announced a collaboration on hot pink drill bits with fracking company… » 10/08/14 4:50pm 10/08/14 4:50pm

Fun Breast Cancer® Awareness™ Products That Can Cause Breast Cancer®

Breast Cancer®, the America's Sweetheart of deadly, disfiguring diseases that it is, inspires a deluge of pink junk for sale every October. Some of that pink junk, in addition to being ugly, cloying, and infantilizing, contains chemicals that have been linked to boobs full of tumors. No Awareness™ like the Awareness™… » 10/15/13 1:40pm 10/15/13 1:40pm

The Silliest Pink Crap Money Can Buy, None of Which Will Cure Breast…

It's October! You know what that means — candy shelves overstuffed with fun sized candy bars, sweaters and boots and tights and scarves in Gap commercials — and everywhere you turn, pink crap for sale under the guise that buying it means that you're promoting Awareness® of Breast Cancer. Thing is, not only is most of… » 10/03/12 1:25pm 10/03/12 1:25pm

"Breast Cancer Is A Disease, Not A Marketing Opportunity"

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means our public spaces are bedecked with so many pink ribbons, it looks like a 4-year-old interior decorator named Emily got a contract to do the whole country. It's a little much. » 10/13/09 4:40pm 10/13/09 4:40pm