Ban on Female Fighters' Breast Implants Enacted For Douchiest Reasons

Last week, the Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission issued an "emergency rule" barring women who have breast implants from competing in MMA fights unless they have express written permission from the doctors who performed their surgery. Why? For the douchiest, stupidest possible reasons. » 9/16/13 1:40pm 9/16/13 1:40pm

Why Do Women Who Test-Drive Big Breasts Decide to Go Even Bigger?

Plastic surgeons in Britain have stumbled upon an amazing sales tool — a bra that allows women considering breast augmentation to take their theoretical new rack out for a test drive before they go under the knife. It's like dating your own boobs! But instead of nudging women away from the giant rack they think they… » 9/17/12 11:45am 9/17/12 11:45am

Hugo Chavez's War On Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is big in Venezuela. But President Hugo Chávez disapproves, saying the practice isn't revolutionary. And why do you care, Mr. President? » 3/15/11 9:45am 3/15/11 9:45am

Porn Star Dies After Sixth Boob Job

German porn star Carolin Berger was only 23 when she died during a breast augmentation operation earlier this month. Based on news reports, she sought out so many surgeries to stay on the media's radar screen. Doesn't seem worth it. » 1/22/11 1:10pm 1/22/11 1:10pm

Woman May Die Because Of Her Size MMM Implants

Texan Sheyla Hershey, who achieved her goal of having the world's biggest boobs, is "in the fight of her life," after contracting a severe staph infection. Her implants were removed yesterday, but she still may lose one breast. » 7/14/10 6:00pm 7/14/10 6:00pm

Too-Sexy Fired Banker Wanted To Be "Tits On A Stick"

Does it matter that Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman allegedly fired for being too beautiful, once got plastic surgery so she could look more like "tits on a stick?" » 6/09/10 2:00pm 6/09/10 2:00pm

More Is Not Better

Usually it's a temporary side effect of ill-fitting bras, but Maria Alaimo's case of quadriboob was a permanent result of botched breast augmentation — and even ruined her marriage. She's suing for $3.5 million. [NY Post, via Guyism] » 3/12/10 1:20pm 3/12/10 1:20pm

Busted: Bridal Mag Employee Allegedly Fired For Exhibiting Boob-Job…

A former Condé Nast's Brides employee says she was fired for discreetly showing two female colleagues her newly augmented, sports-bra-encased breasts. Her lawyer says it's "unbelievable when you consider the kind of images that are in Condé Nast magazines." [NYPost] » 1/08/10 1:20pm 1/08/10 1:20pm

"Buy One Implant, Get One Free" Ad Created By A Boob

This breast augmentation billboard ad from rural Wisconsin does sound tempting, but shockingly enough Dr. Hotchandani is not actually a plastic surgeon. In fact, he was recently found guilty of health care fraud. [Plastic Surgery 101] » 9/10/09 4:20pm 9/10/09 4:20pm

Carrie Prejean: Nude Photo Scandal Is An Attack On My Faith

Yesterday posted topless photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean and supposedly there are more revealing pictures to come. Prejean says the site posted the pictures in an attempt to belittle her Christianity. » 5/05/09 1:20pm 5/05/09 1:20pm

Paula Abdul Out At Idol?; ScarJo's Romantic Marriage

Frustrated because you have small breasts and no money with which to augment them? Join the Australian Navy! Apparently, women with small breasts in the Aussie Navy say that their lack of a big rack is impairing their self-confidence so the Navy, concerned with the psychological well-being of its members, is giving… » 9/18/07 9:45am 9/18/07 9:45am