Breast Milk Butter Is the Sweetest, Creamiest Thing You've Ever Tasted

If you've always wanted to make butter from human breast milk, but don't know how, the internet is pleased to provide you with something you might have never even known you wanted: A tutorial detailing the magical process of transforming the fluid found in one's mammaries into a delectable breakfast treat. And there… »10/08/14 7:15pm10/08/14 7:15pm


Buy a Properly Sized Bra and Put It On Correctly, Dammit

I wore the wrong bra size for years. I knew it, too, but I was always too lazy/poor/ashamed of my body to do anything about it. One day I was feeling emotionally tough and financially wealthy, I marched into Nordstrom, located the oldest employee in the lingerie section — figuring she knew best because she had the… »5/10/13 2:10pm5/10/13 2:10pm

Oops: Surgeon Put X-Rated Photos of Clients on the Internet Without Their Consent

You know those faceless before-and-after plastic surgery photos that surgeons post on their websites to advertise how skilled they are at breast augmentation or liposuction or what have you? Well, thanks to a bunch of confused people who don't understand how the internet works, tons of women are finding that images of… »8/13/12 2:00pm8/13/12 2:00pm

How to Support Breast Cancer Research Without Supporting Komen

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has become a bloated Cancer Awareness McDonald's that offers more swag and socialization opportunities than cure. But just because Komen's managed to portray breast cancer as a feathery pink celebration of sisterhood and not a disease best fought with patient empowerment and scientific… »2/13/12 5:20pm2/13/12 5:20pm

Half of Conservatives Are Now Against Breast Cancer Screenings

If you weren't yet sure whether Republicans had gone totally insane when it comes to issues of women's health and issues of supporting life in general, this ought to convince you: A Daily Kos-Public Policy Polling survey found that 51 percent of conservatives have an unfavorable opinion of Planned Parenthood's breast… »2/12/12 10:15pm2/12/12 10:15pm