Breaking: Teresa Heinz Kerry Hospitalized, In Critical Condition

7:39 p.m: Secretary of State John Kerry's wife and Heinz heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry was rushed to a Massachusetts hospital at around 3:30 this afternoon, according to the AP via Buzzfeed. The 74-year-old Kerry, who has been stabilized but remains in critical condition, had been staying at the family's vacation house… »7/07/13 8:30pm7/07/13 8:30pm

Disney Resorts Wants More Visits From Perverts, Chronic Masturbators

What's that banner ad getting the way of your Kristin Davis porn? Oh look, it's for Disney Resorts. Maybe you should take the kids this year! Anyway, this screenshot, and many more if you click, come to us courtesy the investigative journalism of the DrunkenStepfather, who found them surfing the putrid site Egotastic… »3/27/08 2:20pm3/27/08 2:20pm

Benazir Bhutto Dies After Being Struck By Bomb, Shot In The Neck At Rally

Exiled Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto was killed in a suicide bombing today. She wasn't killed by the bombing itself, of course, she was killed by a bullet wound to the neck. Not leaving anything to chance, these Bhutto- haters! You'll recall that Bhutto had returned to Pakistan two months back after making… »12/27/07 9:00am12/27/07 9:00am