The Dairy Biz Chucks 'Got Milk' in Favor of 'Milk Life'

It seems the American dairy industry recently pulled the famous "Got Milk" campaign from the back of the fridge, took a whiff and tossed the leftovers into the garbage. After almost 20 years, they're getting a new catchphrase: "Milk Life," just like you would a cow. Sure! » 2/25/14 10:40am 2/25/14 10:40am

Spermy Side Up

"London for Lovers," offers this ad for Eurostar. While bean-meets-egg does not exactly make me think lover, it does speak to the particular part of me that is unable to remember my birth control on vacation. [CopyRanter] » 3/24/10 1:30pm 3/24/10 1:30pm