FDA Sets Rules for What Can Be Called 'Gluten-Free'

Good news for people who like grocery shopping, have celiac disease or who have issues with carbs: the FDA has decided which foods are allowed to be labeled gluten-free and which are not. » 8/02/13 10:50am 8/02/13 10:50am

Celebrate the Anniversary of Sliced Bread and the Golden Age of Carbs

Ever since the beginning of the Great Struggle Against the Carbohydrate Empire, people have tended to deride bread when talking about health. “Oh, bread is so bad for you. The cavepeople never ate bread, and just look how wonderfully sinewy they were!” It wasn’t all that long ago (85 years ago today), however, that… » 7/07/13 5:30pm 7/07/13 5:30pm

Adorable Dog Is a Terrible Thief

This little guy thought he'd pulled off a major feat by lifting this baguette, but his heist plan had one major flaw: he failed to consider the dimensions of the giant loaf. Fortunately, his hilarious attempts to solve his problem paid off, and eventually he got to break bread in peace. » 2/27/12 11:50am 2/27/12 11:50am

Bread: Another Food That Is Trying to Kill You

Forget the best thing since sliced bread, because it turns out sliced bread is actually the worst thing ever—okay, not ever, but it is the worst in terms of sodium content. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention compiled the list of the top 10 sources of sodium in our diet, and bread and rolls came in at the… » 2/07/12 11:50pm 2/07/12 11:50pm

Smart Toddler Corrects Important 'Tiger Bread' Oversight

Does this bread look like a tiger? No, it looks like a giraffe! And Lily Robinson, age 3, wasn't going to stand for it anymore. With the help of her mom, she wrote a letter British chain Sainsbury's, which sold the bread. This touched off a mass Facebook campaign, and this week, the store caved: "In response to… » 2/02/12 5:15pm 2/02/12 5:15pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Camille Grammer intimates that her soon-to-be-ex-husband Kelsey is bisexual, Joan Rivers talks about her vagina, and Barbara Walters hits on The Situation. » 1/14/11 7:15pm 1/14/11 7:15pm