Sexy Bratz Dolls Get Gentle Make-Unders Courtesy of Tasmanian Artist

The hyper-sexualization of children's toys (especially Bratz Dolls) make many of us very uncomfortable. In fact, when a new Bratz movie came into the video store I worked in once, a custome legitimately asked if it was a new animated porno he could rent. So these make-unders done by a Tasmanian artist who "rescues and… »1/19/15 7:45pm1/19/15 7:45pm

Kit Kittredge: American Girl Or Capitalist Pawn? Is There A Difference?

It's hard out there for a living, breathing American girl. It's a morass of mixed messages, A.O. Scott points out in a Times think piece about Kit Kittredge, the Abigail Breslin-helmed American Girl doll-based movie coming out this week. "Who are you supposed to be, or to avoid becoming? A nerd? A ditz? A flirt? A… »6/30/08 3:30pm6/30/08 3:30pm

After This Week, We Never Want To Hear The Words "Manolo" or "Cosmo" Ever Again

New Game Encourages Young Girls To Embrace Their Inner "Bimbo"

There's a new game in England and France for girls ages 9 to 16, and it's so raunchy it makes Bratz dolls look positively Pollyanna-ish. Called "Miss Bimbo", the game is essentially an online competition in which each registered player is given a "Bimbo" all her own to take care of — sort of like those Tamagotchi »3/25/08 9:40am3/25/08 9:40am