Speaking a Second Language Could Keep You from Getting Dementia

Wait, speaking multiple languages keeps your brain young? Goddamnit. The closest I ever came to learning a second language is that my mom speaks passable Norwegian when she's drunk (I suppose I'm glad my childhood wasn't one long Drunkmomwegian immersion program), which means that I am impenetrably, painfully… »1/09/13 2:10pm1/09/13 2:10pm


Looking at High Heels and Electric Razors Changes Your Perception of Gender

Hey, did you know that your brain is completely crazy and does all kinds of far-out shit like some kind of weird goopy wizard that rides around in your skull doing magic tricks? It's true! A new study that found that when people spend a bunch of time staring at heavily gendered objects (like bras, or neckties*), and… »9/28/12 10:25am9/28/12 10:25am