Parents Hope Their Sons Are Geniuses and Their Daughters Aren't Fat

Another reason to feel bad for today's little girls: one day, the straight ones will grow up to face a dating selection consisting of doted upon nightmare boys raised by parents who used the power of the internet to validate their sneaking suspicion that their lil' All Star might be a genius. Meanwhile, the girls'… » 1/22/14 4:45pm 1/22/14 4:45pm

Girls and Boys Can Play the Same Sports, Says Reasonable British Lady

There's no real reason girls and boys need to be segregated into different sports when they're young. In fact, according to a British lecturer, splitting up boys and girls into gendered athletic activities may instill nascent gender prejudices so that we can still have endless NFL Sunday Ticket commercials in which a… » 12/22/13 1:30pm 12/22/13 1:30pm

New Documentary Explores the Pressures of Male Gender Stereotypes

The terrifyingly intelligent and beautiful Jennifer Siebel Newsom has launched a project (on Kickstarter, duh) to fund her documentary about the pressures of masculinity on boys today. The film, titled "The Mask You Live In," examines how societal standards of boys and men being emotionally unattached, among other… » 7/11/13 4:45pm 7/11/13 4:45pm

Boys With Sisters More Likely To Become Republicans Because Chores

In a weird twist that maybe only further study and/or a Family Ties reboot can answer, the Global Post reports that according to a study in the new Journal of Politics, boys with only female siblings are 9.3% more likely to grow up and become Republicans. They're also less likely to help with chores, and become… » 6/29/13 5:00pm 6/29/13 5:00pm

This Little Boy and Fat French Bulldog Are Best Friends Forever

As soon as I looked at that picture, my uterus grew ten sizes and consumed the rest of my organs and I finally became a Woman. Or, OK, no, but I did look at these photos and cried about the beauty of friendship, humanity, and our Magical Mother Earth. Someone get me some bon bons and face mask, I'm done. » 4/02/13 11:45pm 4/02/13 11:45pm

Taylor Swift Spends the Night with Brit-Pop Gingersnap Ed Sheeran

It's possible that your fevered collective fan dreams have come true—Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran might be tenderly and respectfully fornicating. Apparently Sheeran was in T-Swizzle's hotel room before the Brit Awards until 4 AM, when Sheeran finally left looking "very pleased with himself" (according to some creep… » 3/01/13 9:00am 3/01/13 9:00am

Hot Girls in Tight Clothes Do Not Keep Boys From Learning

When it comes to what we're taught about men, sex, and self-control, most of us learn one maxim early on: "a hard dick has no conscience." The wording may vary, but the claim is always the same: guys, especially young dudes who are still in or just emerging from the testosterone tsunami of puberty, are powerless in… » 2/26/13 5:00pm 2/26/13 5:00pm

We Need More Movies Featuring Strong and Smart Girls

I can't agree with all points raised in this TED Talk* — The Wizard of Oz movie doesn't deliver exactly the same feminist message as the books — but I love that Stokes' talks about how movies can help teach boys to be inspired by girls. The white male normative tales don't allow much room for learning about anyone… » 1/22/13 5:50pm 1/22/13 5:50pm

Knitting Is A 'Good Thing For Girls,' In Case You Were Wondering

Today in gendered toys, we learn that juggling (or its later-in-life equivalent: hackey sack) is a male pursuit, while knitting (or its later-in-life equivalent: knitting scarves for Male Life Mate and the three beautiful Post-Uteran Flowers that you two have together, who—heteronormatively!—frolic in the backyard… » 12/01/12 1:30pm 12/01/12 1:30pm

Boys in the U.S. May Be Hitting Puberty Earlier and It’s Probably Not a…

A head-scratching new study published Saturday in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests that young men in the United States are budding earlier, much like their female counterparts, which has largely frustrated researchers who always supposed that estrogen-like chemicals in the environment were hastening puberty in… » 10/21/12 3:30pm 10/21/12 3:30pm

Gendered Toy Commerical Mashups Are Insane (And Telling, Too)

We've seen how Lego's boy and girl commercials seem intent on keeping the genders separate from childhood, but what about the rest of the toy world? What happens when, for instance, you play G.I. Joe's bone-crunching heavy metal toy commercial music in a video of Barbie trying on her latest swimsuit? Total and utter… » 3/30/12 11:40am 3/30/12 11:40am