Lance Armstrong Is the Worst Boyfriend Ever

Lance Armstrong, generally known for being an upstanding and honest individual in all areas of his life, committed a hit and run in December and let his girlfriend take the blame. Don't ever let them tell you chivalry is dead, ladies. » 2/03/15 7:10pm 2/03/15 7:10pm

This is what your in-laws are really thinking when they first meet you

Ali Vingiano made another hilarious subtitled short, this time dedicated to all of your who had to bring your significant other to meet your parents over the holidays (or worse, those who will have to do it this year. I'm sorry! Best of luck!)Like the previous one, this short is funny because it's exactly how it is. » 12/19/14 3:26pm 12/19/14 3:26pm

Single? Hate Your Parents? Bring This Guy Home for Thanksgiving

Many may dread going home for the holidays, but how many of us are actively seeking an opportunity to torment our families by bringing home precisely the sort of guy who would push all their buttons? For the right woman in Nashville, consider your prayers answered. » 11/21/14 4:10pm 11/21/14 4:10pm

Superheroes Make Shitty Husbands

News that Walmart is peddling a "Training to be Batman's Wife" T-shirt to juniors has raised ire for its retrograde bullshittery. Lost in the ruckus is the fact that it's not just offensive for its sexism — it's offensive because Batman is the type of douche that no woman would realistically go for. Surely there's a… » 10/01/14 12:20pm 10/01/14 12:20pm

I Tried BroApp and It Did Not Turn Me Into an Awesome Boyfriend

Every day on my way to work, I spend the entire train ride deleting inane press releases from my email inbox. Diet pills? Delete. A series of seminars on how to convince your boyfriend to propose? Delete. The launch of a new cake flavored vodka made especially for tampon soakage? .... Archive. But the other week, one… » 3/05/14 12:58pm 3/05/14 12:58pm

Shut Up, 300 Sandwiches Lady's Boyfriend

Remember the 300 $andwiches Lady? You know, the food blogger who says her boyfriend told her that once she made him 300 $andwiches, he'd buy her an engagement ring in what of course was not a shamelessly craven gimmick to get a book deal? Well: she's only 100 $andwiches away. And her boyfriend wants advice on how to… » 12/03/13 1:10pm 12/03/13 1:10pm

Women Totally Mad IRL for Stuff Their Boyfriends Do in Dreams

Tabloid trendpieces should be taken with an entire shaker of salt. But the headline "Over Half of Women Admit They Have Woken Up In A Bad Mood With Their Partner Because He Annoyed Them... In A DREAM" does not require any additional sodium. It is 100% correct, based on totally unscientific anecdata. » 11/15/13 11:10am 11/15/13 11:10am

What's the Weirdest Lie A Love Interest Has Ever Told You?

No relationship is entirely devoid of secrets; I once went out with a guy for 6 months without him knowing where I lived (I forget why I did this; I was 24 and now that I think of it, the whole thing may have been an experiment? I don't know). But whoever said all's fair in love and war has obviously never attempted… » 10/10/13 5:10pm 10/10/13 5:10pm

Who Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Secret Girlfriend?? Some Theories.

You know how we've always assumed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is your boyfriend? Well, it turns out we were really, really wrong. (Unless we're not. Wait, is it you?? I won't tell anyone; you can trust me!!) » 9/25/13 9:30pm 9/25/13 9:30pm

Single This Valentine's Day? Get a Rental Boyfriend

If you're in the market for a boyfriend but are wary about making a big investment in love, perhaps you should consider renting instead of buying. "Rental boyfriends" are the latest booming business in China. » 2/08/13 2:40pm 2/08/13 2:40pm

The Artist's Jean Dujardin To Be Cast as Villain in Every Movie

Just what you didn't know that your day needed: a video that combines your recommended daily allowance of your new boyfriend—The Artist's dreamy Jean Dujardin, guns, Muppets, and a hearty helping of laughter. Drop everything that isn't a baby and watch this.
» 2/09/12 2:50pm 2/09/12 2:50pm

Gifts For Someone You're Planning To Dump

We don't recommend breaking up with your significant other around the holidays. Don't break up with them right before Christmas, right after Christmas, and definitely not on the actual day of Christmas. The same goes for Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, and any other holiday you may be celebrating this December — including New… » 12/06/11 2:35pm 12/06/11 2:35pm

Is This Austin Man Your Future Husband?

Meet Thad Johnson. He's looking for his soulmate — and it might be you! In this rousing video, he details a day in his life and here are just a few of his qualities: he brushes his teeth with mouthwash, has a very-defined moustache, and has appeared on all three CSI shows — as a deceased victim. Sounds like a… » 11/17/11 6:15pm 11/17/11 6:15pm

Amanda Knox Spotted With Hipster Dude Who May Or May Not Be Her…

Non-Italian non-murderer Amanda Knox is slowly but surely readjusting to free life stateside after spending nearly 4 years in Italian prison. She dressed up as a mustachioed cat burglar for Halloween. She's speaking English again. And now it looks like she's got herself an American-style boyfriend, complete with a… » 11/03/11 1:40pm 11/03/11 1:40pm

Hate-Blogging, Window Breaking, Incessant Calls Fail To Win Back…

A woman in Houston is being charged with felony stalking after calling her ex boyfriend over 1,000 times in three months, breaking his kitchen window with a five-foot sword, and documenting her heartbreak on a rambling blog dedicated how she couldn't understand why that goddamn bastard didn't love her anymore. » 10/12/11 5:55pm 10/12/11 5:55pm

Area Girlfriend Upset By Discovery of Boyfriend's Saved Relationship…

It's difficult to feel cherished when we know that our partners are still carrying emotional baggage from previous romantic entanglements, but it's especially difficult when that emotional baggage manifests itself in the form of actual pieces of crap that used to belong to his ex-girlfriend. And what if he refuses to… » 10/10/11 6:30pm 10/10/11 6:30pm

Ladies, Meet Your New Google Boyfriend, 'G-Male'

Do you love Google? Do you dig the way Gmail suggests you CC some folks you might have forgotten in a chain of messages? How it recommends products you need to buy based on the words you've typed in an email? How it fills in your search query before you've even figured out what you're actually searching for? » 9/07/11 11:55am 9/07/11 11:55am