Guinness Drops Sponsorship of NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade

Guinness is pulling out of its sponsorship of the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade over a rule that prohibits LGBT organizations from participation. » 3/16/14 10:18pm 3/16/14 10:18pm

​Heineken Joins Sam Adams in Boycotting St. Patrick's Day Parade

Last week, Boston Beer Company (the makers of Samuel Adams Lager) decided to pull their sponsorship from the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston, and it looks like Heineken is doing the same in New York for Monday's celebrations. » 3/16/14 1:00pm 3/16/14 1:00pm

New App Makes Boycotting Bad Businesses That Much Easier

Ever since boycotting products became a popular means of protesting in the Gandhi days of divesting from British goods, divestment has become an increasingly effective method to punish the bad guys with the only action that seems to have significant impact in our capitalist society: buying things. Even for the… » 5/15/13 5:00pm 5/15/13 5:00pm

One Million Moms Really Doesn’t Want Anyone to Watch Ryan Murphy’s New…

After being vanquished by the mighty and hilarious Ellen DeGeneres, One Million Moms — the organization that sought a boycott of JCPenney because the retailer made DeGeneres its official spokeswoman — has licked its wounds and returned to the pop culture fray, determine once again to boycott something, anything,… » 7/22/12 10:15pm 7/22/12 10:15pm

Even a Proposed Sex Boycott Couldn't Stop the Michigan House from…

Today Michigan moved one step closer to being deemed the most lady-hostile state in the nation as their House passed a massive and crazily restrictive anti-abortion law. While passage was widely expected, the vote was preceded by an hour of heated debate, which included Democratic Rep. Lisa Brown uttering the words,… » 6/13/12 11:15pm 6/13/12 11:15pm