A Group of Young Girls Are Fighting to Join Boy Scouts

A group of girls in Santa Rosa, California are fighting to become official members of the Boy Scouts of America. The girls, who have dubbed themselves, “The Unicorns,” expressed interest in joining the organization after participating in Learning for Life, a co-ed subsidiary of the Boy Scouts that helps develop skills… »11/22/15 6:35pm11/22/15 6:35pm


UPS Not Donating to the Boy Scouts of America Because of Ban on Gay Scouts and Leaders

Looks like some UPS employees are gonna be delivering extra packagaes this holiday season, and we're not just talking about presents! Actually, we really are, but still, it's cool that the UPS Foundation, which gave $167,000 to various Boy Scouts of America entities in 2010, has said enough is enough! Yellow and… »11/12/12 9:30pm11/12/12 9:30pm

Homophobic Boy Scouts of America Actually Harbored Thousands of Child Molesters

The famously anti-gay Boy Scouts of America organization has been ordered to release its fiercely protected "perversion files," which contain information about thousands of instances where trusted BSA adult leaders victimized children involved in scouting. The files, which cover incidents that occurred between the… »10/18/12 1:05pm10/18/12 1:05pm