The Trouble With Floyd Mayweather

Last week, Floyd Mayweather announced that he will fight a rematch with Marcos Maidana on Sept. 13. Their first fight, two months ago, was Mayweather's closest challenge in years, with many in the boxing media believing that Maidana had earned the decision. And while that bout may have failed to meet expectations… » 7/17/14 1:15pm 7/17/14 1:15pm

Female Boxers May Have a Slightly Lower Risk of Cognitive Side Effects

Public concern that high-impact sports such as football, hockey, and boxing leave their participants with traumatic brain injuries has increased dramatically in recent years, but preliminary results from a study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health suggest that women in head-butting… » 7/26/12 2:45pm 7/26/12 2:45pm

'When I Was Growing Up, Girls Just Didn't Run in Public'

Nike is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX with an ad called "Voices." Using the hashtag #maketherules, female athletes — Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza, women's basketball legend Lisa Leslie, WNBA star Diana Taurasi, and Joan Benoit Samuelson, who won the world's first gold medal for women's marathon at the… » 6/25/12 11:10am 6/25/12 11:10am

Officials Haven't Decided If Female Olympic Boxers Will Be Forced To…

Officials from The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) nearly incited fisticuffs when they implied that the first ever Olympic female boxers will be required to enter the ring in skirts. But, calm down, Panicky Von Anxoius O'Feminista— they only might be required. Official uniforms for Olympic women's… » 11/05/11 2:55pm 11/05/11 2:55pm

Nigerian Teen Seeks Equality For Female Boxers

Sixteen-year-old star boxer Mutiat Adebayo has some complaints about the state of women's boxing in Nigeria: "Boxing organisers discriminate against us during competitions. This is not good for the development of the sport. We urge government to help us." She says girls should be taught boxing in school — and fellow… » 3/17/11 7:07pm 3/17/11 7:07pm