Cinderella Rakes In $23 Million, Somehow Still a Compelling Fairy Tale

The pretty and fragile victim trope continues to dominate the American box office (Maleficent, Frozen) this time with Cinderella. The Disney movie brought in $23 Million on Friday and is expected to complete the weekend with $70 million. Cinderella's budget was $95 million, so looks like the execs about to get theirs… »3/14/15 6:30pm

Steve Harvey Book Commercial Think Like a Man Wins the Weekend Box Office

For the first time in four weeks, Hunger Games was not number one at the box office this weekend. That honor went to ridiculous rom-com Think Like a Man, the movie based on a self-help book by Steve Harvey. With an impressive $33 million debut, this movie features some fine actors, black people and white people … »4/23/12 11:40am

Hunger Games Finally Dethroned by Allegedly Mediocre Romantic Comedy

After a four-week reign as the most popular dystopian YA movie based on a dystopian YA novel in a dystopian era of Hollywood filmmaking, The Hunger Games was trotted out to the box-office public square and unceremoniously beheaded by the generally meh romantic comedy, Think Like a Man, which made $33 million. Maybe it… »4/22/12 4:30pm