The Dudes of Mad Men Play Handsomest Bowling Game Ever

Did you know that in addition to being talented and handsome, Jon Hamm is also great at bowling and building dicks out of Play-Doh? He recently teamed up with Mad Men collaborators Matthew Weiner, Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer to bowl for charity against Team Nerdist, headed by Nerdist podcast host/son of a… » 4/26/12 2:15pm 4/26/12 2:15pm

Rick Santorum Gravely Warns Against Dangers of Pink Bowling Ball

At a campaign event in a Wisconsin bowling alley yesterday, projected GOP nomination silver medalist Rick Santorum told a boy that he shouldn't use a pink bowling ball on camera, telling him that "friends don't let friends use pink balls." Bowling with the pink ball, presumably, is an affront to Rick Santorum's rigid… » 3/29/12 12:05pm 3/29/12 12:05pm

Ha, Rick Santorum Unwisely Decides to Fondle Some Balls

First there were the many corn-dog-eating candidates who got busted on film. Then there was this classic gif of Rick Santorum enjoying a nice cold phallic ice cream cone. And now comes this delightful image of Rickles touching balls at a bowling alley in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Dude, have those who have gone before… » 3/25/12 11:15pm 3/25/12 11:15pm

Judge Prescribes Bowling and Red Lobster as Remedy for Domestic Violence

A Florida judge has ordered a man accused of grabbing his wife by the neck and shoving her into the back of their couch to take the woman out on a proper date: Red Lobster, and bowling. Anything else shitty and totally inappropriate you want to suggest, judge? A gentle fingerbanging session, perhaps? » 2/08/12 6:35pm 2/08/12 6:35pm

Afghan Woman Opens Nation's First Bowling Alley

You've probably become less enchanted with the bowling alley since the days when it was the place to hold your birthday party, but the Afghan people aren't taking their first lanes for granted. Meena Rahmani sold off some of her land to raise the $1 million needed to build The Strikers, a 12-lane bowling alley.… » 10/30/11 11:14pm 10/30/11 11:14pm