We Dislike Harnessed Butts & We Cannot Lie

Developed by a psychologist to satisfy a "personal cheek-lifting need," the Biniki will eradicate the plague of Saggy Butt. Certainly strapping yourself into an elaborate ass-harness is preferable to having a less-than-perky rear end. [Biniki via Newser] » 3/25/10 5:30pm 3/25/10 5:30pm

Finish Your Holiday Shopping Early

The giant wine glass holds an entire bottle of wine and certain people who shall remain nameless could really put it to good use, especially on a Friday at the end of the longest week ever. [Rurally Screwed, Kotula's] » 11/13/09 9:40am 11/13/09 9:40am

Remember Kelly Ripa's Booty Pop panties that she was flaunting on Live! With Regis & Kelly the other day? Well today Regis showed off what he found to be the men's equivalent, called Bottoms Up. Click on the photo for larger image. [Bottoms Up] » 4/25/08 1:45pm 4/25/08 1:45pm

British Writer: Bring Back Big-Bottomed Undies!

In the wake of the story about how a pair of generously-sized underwear put out a fire, writer Caitlin Moran has written an amazingly funny piece for the Times of London on the "practical superiority of big pants." Is it time that big pants — or "granny panties", as they're known on this side of the pond [I call them… » 1/08/08 12:00pm 1/08/08 12:00pm

Amy Winehouse: Life's Too Short Not To Drink Your Insecurities Away

In an interview on her concert DVD I Told You I Was Trouble, out November 13, Amy Winehouse says: "I'm quite an insecure person. I'm very insecure about the way I look. The more insecure I felt, the more I'd drink...The more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be." Her honesty is appreciated, but not… » 10/23/07 6:00pm 10/23/07 6:00pm

So, get this: Britney Spears — a woman who has a court-order to stay away from alcohol if she ever wants to get her kids back — has applied for a job as a bartender. TMZ has learned that on Thursday night, while staying at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, CA, Britney asked for, then filled out. a job application at… » 10/08/07 4:45pm 10/08/07 4:45pm

No Airbrushing—We're Not Fucking Around

There's yet another one of those "celebs and their cellulite" covers of The National Enquirer. Admittedly, it fills us with a certain amount of glee to have photographic evidence that actresses and pop stars aren't the flawless, smoothed out, glowing beings they're normally presented as on magazine covers. (Although,… » 8/10/07 5:30pm 8/10/07 5:30pm