Sorry — You Can't Guilt Trip Me About Bottle Feeding My Kids

Bottle-feeding my babies was one of the best parenting decisions I ever made. And while this simple statement will likely enrage men and women across America, I won't be made to feel guilty about it. » 8/15/12 2:00pm 8/15/12 2:00pm

Kitten Attacks a Milk Bottle with Adorable Viciousness

This kitten wants some milk real bad. You can watch this video on mute and just supply the kitten's internal monologue, which goes something like this: "Gimme, gimme gimme gimme gimme!" » 8/12/12 5:15pm 8/12/12 5:15pm

Sarah Jessica Parker Threw a Party For Obama and Aretha Franklin Bailed…

After weeks of having her house elves prettify the brownstone, last night was Carrie Bradshaw's $40,000-per-person fundraiser for President Barack Obama. Although pixie druid Matthew Broderick was not in attendance (occupied by a performance of his Broadway musical "Nice Work If You Can Get It"), the guests included … » 6/15/12 9:00am 6/15/12 9:00am

Your Days of Pounding the Ketchup Bottle Endlessly Are Finally Over

Ketchup never seems to want to come out of its bottle. It's an age-old problem that many people claim to have solved. ("Hit the '57' on the bottle three times with the heel of your hand!" "Stick a knife up in there!" "Use a squeeze bottle!") But now a smarty-pants at MIT seems to have fixed the problem once and for… » 5/28/12 9:30pm 5/28/12 9:30pm

Bottles, Pacifiers, and Batteries Are All Out to Destroy Your Baby

Given how many times your average toddler falls down during the day, pretty much any object poses some threat to them, but two new studies published in Pediatrics have found that there are a few culprits around the house that are responsible for a huge number of injuries: bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups posed the… » 5/14/12 11:10am 5/14/12 11:10am

Tiny Kitten Develops the Cutest Case of Hiccups Ever

This is Moses. His mother was killed by a car shortly after he was born, but he was rescued—thank heavens—and is now being very well cared for. (You can read more about his story here). While learning to drink from a bottle recently, Moses got a little bit ahead of himself and ended up with an extremely… » 5/06/12 11:15pm 5/06/12 11:15pm

Adorable Baby Sea Otter Has the Power to Erase Stress

Feeling a little keyed up or put out by a long, hard day? This baby sea otter is here to help. Just sit back, relax, watch her cuddly face as she enjoys her bottle of milk, and you'll be blissed out in no time. » 3/27/12 11:55pm 3/27/12 11:55pm

TSA Forces Woman to Use Her Breast Pump Before She Can Take It Through…

In another shining moment in airport security history, a TSA agent at Kauai's Lihue Airport last week refused to let a woman bring her breast pump through security because the milk bottles were empty. Amy Strand, of Maui, was traveling with her 9-month old daughter and was carrying the electric pump. She was told she… » 3/05/12 12:00pm 3/05/12 12:00pm

"Not Breastfeeding Is Fine," But What About Her Reasoning?

One mom defends her right to bottle-feed her baby without judgment. We're with her. But then she tests our theoretical tolerance by giving her reasons. » 2/23/11 2:00pm 2/23/11 2:00pm