Yay! Benchmark Ruling Calls For Women In Botswana To Be Awarded Equal Property Rights

Thanks to the verdict of a progressive judge in the Botswana High Court, Justice Key Dingake, Botswana's de facto law of leaving inherited land to the closest male family member of the deceased is now up for dispute. While the nation boasts a female Attorney General, and one of southern Africa's first female… »10/13/12 12:30pm10/13/12 12:30pm

Supermodels Tortured For "Prestigious" Nude Calendar

Ever heard of the Pirelli Calendar »11/25/08 12:20pm11/25/08 12:20pm? Sure, Pirelli makes tires, but the company also produces a calendar, famous for its limited availability. You can , but you can't buy it: It's not sold, only given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of important customers and celebrity VIPs. It's basically the world's only…