One Dummy Ruins Boston's KONY Poster Party for Everyone

Most of America (save for the always righteous Pacific Northwest) totally fell down on the job when it came to plastering their cities with KONY-related materials for Invisible Children's "Cover the Night" event this weekend. But it appears Boston may have taken the mission to heart. A tipster reports that the city was… » 4/24/12 11:15pm 4/24/12 11:15pm

Meet Boston’s Charles Bronson for Street Harassers

After a stranger exposed himself to her on her trolley ride home from work last week, a 24-year-old Boston woman confronted her wrongdoer in exactly the righteous sort of way that most us only ever have the opportunity to rehearse angrily in front of a bathroom mirror — she forced him to his feet and shamed him in… » 4/23/12 9:40pm 4/23/12 9:40pm

First Grader Kicks Bully In The Balls, Sparks Sexual Harassment…

If you want evidence of how out of control sexual harassment laws have gotten, look no further than the story of a 7-year-old Boston boy who's been accused of sexual assault for kicking a bully in the groin after he choked him and stole his gloves. This ridiculous tale provides a great opportunity to unleash a hearty… » 12/04/11 8:47pm 12/04/11 8:47pm

Well, Breaking Bad happened in real life

If Breaking Bad's central conceit — that a harried high school chemistry teacher and his former student team up to enter the lucrative world of methamphetamine production — seems too outlandish to you, here's a strange case that demonstrates just how life can mirror art. » 12/04/11 3:35pm 12/04/11 3:35pm

Other Woman Named Kate Middleton Booted Off Facebook

A Boston bicycle shop worker named Kate Middleton was kicked off Facebook when administrators assumed she was running a fake account in the princess-to-be's name. Luckily, she convinced them she was a real person and they reinstated her. But now her bike shop is mobbed with media folks. Apparently she has "steadfastly… » 4/26/11 2:38pm 4/26/11 2:38pm