Is Marxist Heir Jamie Johnson Actually Becoming Kind Of Hot?

Anyone who saw the documentary Born Rich loves its narrator/maker/protagonist/self hating rich kid Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnon. But no one who saw Born Rich could have anticipated the dramatic shifts in Jamie (and also maybe, the public conscience) that have led to him turning into OMG an actually convincing… »2/22/08 1:40pm2/22/08 1:40pm


Should Depressed Little Rich Girl Just Give It Up And Go On Prozac Already?

Hey guys, you can get out the machetes! It's a poor little rich girl, and she's writing in to a British advice column because she thinks her trust fund ruined her life. "I think it's good for me to be employed but... there is no motivation for me to stick anything out," Francesca writes the Telegraph's Lesley Garner.… »2/19/08 5:00pm2/19/08 5:00pm