Drunk Girl Therapist Has Relationship Advice for You

"Seriously, he's so not worth it" has been slurred many a night, and Drunk Girl Therapist has a lot of advice to offer. Sadly, not all of it is good advice. » 10/25/12 1:00pm 10/25/12 1:00pm

What Comes After Kathie Lee's "Winesday"?

If you're a regular viewer of Today's fourth hour, then you know that KLG and Hoda love to drink. They've dubbed Tuesdays "Boozedays" and Wednesdays "Winesdays." Let's name the other workdays of the week for them. » 1/05/11 1:25pm 1/05/11 1:25pm

Juicy Juice Or Jesus Juice?

The new Tetra Prisma container of Juicy Juice's kid's drink—formulated for "brain development"—"maintains the potency of [its] added nutrients." It also looks a lot like Bandit's adult drink—formulated for brain numbing—Pinot Grigio. » 6/18/09 1:30pm 6/18/09 1:30pm