Entrepreneur Seeks Driver/Secretary Who Looks and Acts Like His Favorite Sexy Video Game Character

In fantastic news for unemployed Australian women, a commerce student recently posted an extremely long (on purpose, as to "filter out the less keen people") job description on the job search site "Seek." He's looking for the right secretary/driver for his upcoming media/arts publishing company, which will be a mix… »11/29/12 3:40pm11/29/12 3:40pm

Comic Con's Women Are Outfitting Geeky Female Fans — and Making Bank, Too

Female Comic Con attendees have a lot of bullshit to contend with — booth babe jokes, depressing "women aren't funny" quotes from Joseph Gordon-Levitt — but before they can deal with all that, they have to get dressed. Until a few years ago, it was difficult for comic aficionados who also have vaginas to find… »10/12/12 10:30am10/12/12 10:30am

Anime Convention Bizarrely Offers Established Cosplayer a Stripper Gig in Exchange for $200 and Snacks

Ginny McQueen, a costumer of 14 years who works full-time as Director of New Media for, the largest cosplay website on the internet, recently received a proposal from an anime convention in Las Vegas offering her $200, snacks, and two free tickets in exchange for a "live burlesque performance" that would… »8/09/12 2:20pm8/09/12 2:20pm

Open Source Boob Project: The True Story Of One Epic Day Nerds Groped Free

When people first started imploring us to weigh in on the Open Source Boob Project we had this scary image of a website featuring a picture of a pair of fake tits that registered computer programmers could modify and reshape and manipulate with nanotechnology or whatever else until the resultant pair of tits reflected… »4/23/08 4:40pm4/23/08 4:40pm