What Happens When the Men Who Helped Make a Post-Game World Try to Fix It

The past month or so has seen the publication of two books from men who, a decade ago, created questionable blueprints of what dating should be like for an entitled generation of dudes. Unexpectedly (to their former selves, at least) the new stories from these teachers—who, not so long ago, were demonstrating how to… »11/05/15 1:55pm11/05/15 1:55pm

Gloria Steinem Has Written the Rare Memoir That's More Focused on Others Than on Herself

In her 81 years on Earth, including a long former career as a journalist, Gloria Steinem has only written six books, three of which are essay compilations. None are specifically about her life, despite its figurative importance to so many people; she’s never quite explained how she’s accomplished all that she has, how… »10/27/15 5:00pm10/27/15 5:00pm

Atticus Was Always a Racist: Why Go Set a Watchman Is No Surprise

The final tableau of To Kill A Mockingbird has always given me a sour feeling toward the book—it ends with the black man dead, the poor white man also dead, the law uninterested in prosecuting their murders. The white gentleman and his children are sadder and wiser, but the wisdom imparted is essentially about the… »7/20/15 1:30pm7/20/15 1:30pm

What Kind of Girl Is This Girl? Lena Dunham's Memoir, Reviewed

I excel at avoiding the ubiquitous—push notifications, Knausgaard; libertarians, pumpkin spice—and as a result I came to Not That Kind of Girl in a near-amniotic lack of context. I had never offered an opinion about Lena Dunham or listened to one consciously; except for the thing she wrote about her dog I had… »10/06/14 12:00pm10/06/14 12:00pm