Talking to Meghan Daum About Selfishness, Being Childless by Choice

Today, 19 percent of women end their potential childbearing years without having had any children—making childlessness as common as it is irrationally controversial. We had the chance to talk about the topic with Meghan Daum: author, LA Times columnist, editor of the forthcoming essay collection Selfish, Shallow and… » 3/30/15 3:30pm 3/30/15 3:30pm

This Year's Literary Sensation Only Gets Good When It Delves Into Fantasy

The Tiger's Wife is one of this year's biggest literary books, and it may be the clinching proof that fantasy has more narrative power than straight-up realism. The book's present-day sections are pure realism, and they're just not as compelling as its magical-realist fables set in the past. » 3/02/11 7:04pm 3/02/11 7:04pm