Vote on Which Books to Include in Our Spooky Scary Halloween Book Club!

Admit it: You had at least one encounter with a tween terror classic that left you scared shitless, cowering under the covers. Or at least very, very jumpy in the dark. This Halloween, Jezebel will be celebrating our adolescent nightmares with a special Spooky Scary YA Book Club. Help us pick what to read! » 10/03/14 4:40pm 10/03/14 4:40pm

The World's Most Ridiculous Press Release

We know publishing and book marketing follow a formula that involves mashing up previously successful books. We know self-help involves bullet points, and that Ladies Love Makeovers. We know paranormal and memoir (novel/memoir even!) remain sought-after genres. The people behind this book know all of these things too,… » 5/03/11 5:19pm 5/03/11 5:19pm