Texas School District Bans Books Because They're Too Real for Teens

Not to be outdone by California when it comes to freaking out about books, a Texas school district has yanked several award-winning (Pulitzer Prize winners among them) books from its approved reading list for high schoolers because they are gross, icky and altogether offensive. » 9/23/14 6:30pm 9/23/14 6:30pm

Women's Shelter Will Symbolically Recycle Copies of Fifty Shades of Grey

U.K. charity Wearside Women in Need's Clare Phillipson recently asked people to donate copies of Fifty Shades of Grey after hearing that local libraries were ordering more copies to keep up with demand. No, not because the charity, which helps victims of domestic violence, is comprised of diehard Christian Grey fans;… » 11/05/12 5:15pm 11/05/12 5:15pm