Everyone's All Weepy and Shit in the Newest Downton Trailer

Last season of Downton Abbey was rife with tragedy, what with the deaths of [SPOILER] and [OTHER SPOILER], as well as the limited use of Shirley MacLaine. Sadly, if this new Masterpiece trailer is any indication, the darkness of the past will carry over into season 4: Everyone is in mourning, everyone is orphaned and… »10/31/13 10:50am10/31/13 10:50am

Nielsen Might Be the Reason Terrible Shows Stay on the Air

Not to beat a dead horse until it's the deadest, but it'd be great to learn the reason why Dads hasn't been cancelled, besides nepotism and the continued power of the white male in an industry supposedly dedicated to creativity. The show's ratings haven't even been that fantastic, though they were better than some of… »10/16/13 12:20pm10/16/13 12:20pm

Lifetime's New Bra-Fitting Reality Show Is, Dare We Say, Uplifting

Lifetime has just premiered Double Divas, a new reality series that follows Atlanta-based bra fitters Cynthia and Molly, and, surprisingly, the show has its fair share of touching moments (there are some ridiculous moments in there, too, so don't you worry). As the majority of women know, the search for the right… »1/11/13 9:30am1/11/13 9:30am

Here Are Some Made Up TV Shows We Wish Were Premiering in 2013

There are some fundamental truths when it comes to the landscape of television in 2013: there will be more Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Community (for now), Mad Men and, yes, they will all (probably) be great. But what about the breakaway hits? Listed below are some promising 2013 pilots that no one saw coming,… »1/02/13 5:50pm1/02/13 5:50pm

Cinemax Quietly Changes Its Soft-Core Reputation

After being known—and ridiculed—for years as "Skinemax," due to its late-night adult programming of soft-core series like Co-ed Confidential and Bikini Frankenstein, HBO has been rehabbing the rep of its sister channel Cinemax in an effort to make it more profitable. The 30-year-old channel will now shift its focus… »2/14/11 11:36am2/14/11 11:36am