Did You Know You Can Get Boob Implants Put in While You're AWAKE?

I'm generally not afraid of doctors and medicine and surgery stuff, and I know it's not uncommon for minor, outpatient, or even significant surgeries (such as BRAIN!) to be performed without general anesthesia. I mean, dudes get their penises vasectomied all the time with just local numbness! No big deal! But there's… »12/24/13 6:20pm12/24/13 6:20pm


Olsen Twins Planning Boob Jobs, Brad Planning Affair, Aniston Knocked Up & Planning Wedding

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! This week, the Jennifer Aniston soap opera drama continues: According to In Touch »10/29/08 2:00pm10/29/08 2:00pm, she looks pregnant; says she's planning a wedding, and claims she had a "SEXY DATE" with Gerard Butler. As for Angelina Jolie, she's on two covers this week: Blissfully happy on , with a wedding and…

Busty British "Glamour Model" Jordan Is Ultimately A "Very Sad, Vulnerable Character"

The New York Times Magazine »9/15/08 12:00pm9/15/08 12:00pm profiled Jordan, the nom-de-nudiemag of Katie Price, the mega-breasted British "glamour model" who is a but largely unknown in the U.S. (well, largely unknown but for the of Dlisted's Michael K., who chronicles her every move). She started out as a Page 3 model in the , writer Ed…