Why Don't Women's Magazines Care More About Their Websites?

Bonnie Fuller, head of HollywoodLife.com and former editor of multiple mags like Glamour and Marie Claire, has some thoughts about why most women's magazines have lackluster websites. While it should be noted that her most recent column for Ad Age is partially just a giant advertisement for her website and editorial… » 8/07/12 6:40pm 8/07/12 6:40pm

Photoshop Of Horror

Amazing. The woman who made millions by exploiting female insecurity - and devoted multiple, snarky covers of the tabloids she edited to close-up shots of cellulite - is invited on Today to offer expertise about the "empowerment" of unretouched photos. » 4/19/10 12:20pm 4/19/10 12:20pm

Anna Wintour's Daughter Hung Up On Her, And Other Power-Mom "Blind…

One magazine editor "is universally regarded as terrifying, both by those who have worked for her and those who haven't." Another, "pretty much universally regarded as a world-class slave driver." Is Real Simple editor-in-chief Kristin van Ogtrop baiting us? » 3/22/10 1:40pm 3/22/10 1:40pm

The "Return Of Curvy" Means Boobs, Nothing More

A new round of self-congratulation among the fashion industry's boosters argues that this past season was great for "curvy" girls, such as the "womanly" Laetitia Casta at Vuitton. What are we really talking about here? Boobs. » 3/17/10 10:20am 3/17/10 10:20am

J. Crew Caught In Discrimination Sting; Madonna's Eyewear Deal With D&G

Bonnie Fuller Says She's "Helping Women"

Hollywood Life editor and former celeb-weekly queen Bonnie Fuller says of the celebrity gossip habit, "It's helping women. Of course it's healthy." » 12/21/09 4:00pm 12/21/09 4:00pm

Does Bonnie Fuller Still Know How To Talk To Women?

The new gossip website HollywoodLife, which launched today, is selling two points hard: queen of celebrity sausage-making Bonnie Fuller, and the idea that The Internet Is a Conversation in which you and Bonnie are BFFs. So: are you buying? » 11/17/09 3:20pm 11/17/09 3:20pm

The Real Reason Women's Magazines Suck

CosMarieGlamVogBazElle sure can be a tedious read; from month to month, our favorite ladymags seem to delight in the twin pleasures of reprinting editorials wholesale and publishing story after story with a distinct Groundhog Monthly ring. Ever wondered why? » 7/28/09 4:00pm 7/28/09 4:00pm

Hey Ladies, Lay Off Elizabeth Edwards (And That Means You, Bonnie…

Elizabeth Edwards is taking a raft of shit for her admission » 8/11/08 3:00pm 8/11/08 3:00pm — prompted by her husband's admissions of infidelity, obfuscation and untruthfulness — that John Edwards admitted his liaison with Rielle Hunter to her in 2006. The shit she is taking is predicated on a number of (perhaps mistaken) assumptions that: he told…


What do you get when you take the first black presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, an A-list celebrity couple, a marketing executive for a perfume company, and a self-aggrandizing, former celebrity and ladymag editor who knows nothing about politics but is desperately trying to stay relevant? Apparently, you… » 7/28/08 10:45am 7/28/08 10:45am

How Ladymag Editors Anna Wintour & Bonnie Fuller Talk Directly To Your…

In the olden days, magazine editors were famed for...well, I guess not a lot of them were famed so much as respected: for cultivating writers, ushering in new journalistic forms and most critically, broadening the horizons and sating the curiosities of any reader longing for a connection with the world outside… » 6/30/08 5:00pm 6/30/08 5:00pm

Britney Hospitalized Again

Is Former Star Editor Bonnie Fuller Shilling Face-Lifts?

The woman in the commercial for the mysterious "Lifestyle Lift," above, is not Bonnie Fuller, former editor of Star, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and YM. But "Susan" certainly looks and sounds like the notoriously-difficult, oft-mocked editorial director of American Media. Coincidence? You be the judge. Here's a clip of the… » 1/24/08 3:00pm 1/24/08 3:00pm

Is The Jamie-Lynn Spears Story Giving Bonnie Fuller A "Soul"?

Every Midweek Bonnie Fuller writes a column for the Huffington Post about ha ha ha, celebrities are such dysfunctional and amoral people, and how great it is for momanity that celebrities are such bad mothers so we don't have to feel guilty etc. etc. And every week the thing is so offensive — Bonnie Fuller, so you… » 12/19/07 4:00pm 12/19/07 4:00pm

Oh, Bonnie Fuller Completely Sympathizes With Poor Noble Humanitarian…

We've discovered a pattern! Every Wednesday the magazine Star comes out, Bonnie Fuller writes a column for the Huffington Post about something that appears in Star. Because she's the editorial director of the company that owns Star! Oh yes, and also every single column is devoted to skewering Angelina Jolie. The first… » 12/05/07 2:30pm 12/05/07 2:30pm

Holidays Got You Down? Be Thankful You're Not Breaking Bread With…

It's that time of year, so let's give thanks to Bonnie Fuller. She's the editorial genius who brought us Us Weekly in its current incarnation and now brings us Star. Without her, we would arguably have no a menagerie of well-styled, wealthy people with flexible workweeks to pointlessly follow in the pages of US and … » 11/20/07 11:30am 11/20/07 11:30am

Bonnie Fuller Thinks She's A Better Mom Than Angelina Jolie

Star editorial-something Bonnie Fuller came out of crappy circulation-induced hiding today to blog a few words of gratitude to Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie, and not for providing the fodder that seven-figure salary packages and wardrobe allowances are made of! See, watching Britney and Angelina makes her feel… » 11/14/07 11:30am 11/14/07 11:30am

30 Years Of 'Cosmopolitan': It's All About Sex & Hair

We love bitching and moaning over the crap-ass content found in the major American women's magazines: The airbrushing; the crazy sex tips; the purple prose; the inherent dishonesty; the expensive shit. But were women's magazines always this bad? We procured copies of October issues of Cosmopolitan representing four… » 9/17/07 12:30pm 9/17/07 12:30pm

Michael Buble Hits On Own Girlfriend, Strikes Out

Son Of Celebrity Editor Bonnie Fuller Conspires To Make Mom Even More…

Watching is all I can do... Every book we read, every TV show we watch we relish the glance we get into someone else's world. I feel like I've seen everything. I'm the ultimate voyeur, nothing's a mystery, I've built up this tolerance to watching... » 5/08/07 3:33pm 5/08/07 3:33pm