Bon Jovi Sings Living On a Prayer With Taylor Swift and Prince William

TAYLOR IS SO INTO IT — she can barely stop herself from grabbing the mike and going fucking crazy on that song. Prince William, on the other hand, is more content to let Bon Jovi shine. That's his way. (For the record, both reactions are totally understandable.) » 11/26/13 8:35pm 11/26/13 8:35pm

Can Amy Adams Pull Off Janis Joplin Biopic? Lee Daniels Thinks So

A Janis Joplin biopic that's been on the books for almost a decade now — and been considered as a vehicle for damn near every under-40 actress out there — is finally looking more concrete. Lee Daniels will direct as his follow-up to The Butler, and he's cast Amy Adams as the lead. She seems a bit ethereal for it, but… » 8/24/13 12:00pm 8/24/13 12:00pm

Bon Jovi and Chris Christie Have a Friendly New Jersey Staring Contest

PATERSON, NJ - MAY 02: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Jon Bon Jovi attend the Overdose Prevention Act Bill signing at Barnert Medical Arts Complex on May 2, 2013 in Paterson, New Jersey. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images) » 5/02/13 9:45pm 5/02/13 9:45pm

Jon Bon Jovi, Your Latest White House Appointee

President Obama has appointed Jon Bon Jovi and 24 others to the new Council for Community Solutions. He'll be helping Obama "mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and government to work together," presumably by traveling the country on a steel horse. » 12/15/10 6:36pm 12/15/10 6:36pm

Vanessa Carlton Is Bisexual; Adrien Brody Has Been Robbed 30 Times

Alanis Gets Married; Cher Collapses Before Performance

Miley Cyrus Will Make Your Baby Cry

It's probably a good thing that Miley Cyrus is preparing to shed her Hannah Montana image, as it appears that her youngest fans are totally over her anyway, and really into Bon Jovi, apparently. [Buzzfeed] » 3/21/10 1:30pm 3/21/10 1:30pm

Cruise Sued For Spying; Brittany Murphy Autopsy Complete

Live From Jezebel, It's Saturday Night!

Welcome back to our SNL live thread! It's surely somebody's ultimate dreamboat night, with shirtless werewolf Taylor Lautner as our host and Bon Jovi as our musical guest. But will it be funny? Let's find out. » 12/12/09 11:15pm 12/12/09 11:15pm

SNL Live Thread Tonight!

Don't forget: we'll be having our weekly SNL live thread for tonight's episode, which commenter warhol's gnarwol perfectly (and hilariously) described last week as "TAYLOR LAUTNER AND BON JOVI! A little bit of sexy for all age groups!" » 12/12/09 4:20pm 12/12/09 4:20pm

Oprah: 25 Years Of Screaming Celebrities' Names

Television will never be the same after Oprah goes off the air in 2011. If we had a "Favorite Things" list about O, in the top spot would be the way the talk-show host introduces celebrity guests. Mashup at left. » 11/20/09 8:00pm 11/20/09 8:00pm

Dina Claims Lindsay Cuts Herself; Rosie Calls Oprah "Gay"

If Fighting And Drinking Don't Kill Lindsay, Flying Coach Will

Michael Lohan Attacks "SaMANtha," Reigniting Blog War With Lindsay

Miley Cyrus: Fifteen & Topless in Vanity Fair

Nicole & Joel: Not Spending Enough Time With The Baby?

Project Runway, Now With More Bon Jovi