Sandra Bullock's Latest, Our Brand Is Crisis, Has Worst Opening of Her Career 

Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, had the worst opening of her career. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the political “dramedy” opened yesterday with only $1.1 million in sales and an estimated projection of $3.3 million for the weekend. Critics have not been kind to the film which was a “passion… »10/31/15 12:00pm10/31/15 12:00pm


Spanish Anarchists Sent an Explosive Box of Sex Toys to Catholic Leaders

A Spanish anarchist that sometimes goes by the super-catchy name Anticlerical Pro Sex Toys Group says it sent explosive devices hidden within boxes of vibrators to prominent ultra-conservative Catholics in Spain, because nothing screams SUSPICIOUS when you’re an abstemious cleric than receiving a shipment of sex toys.… »4/21/13 3:00pm4/21/13 3:00pm

82-Year-Old Nun Breaks into the 'Fort Knox of Uranium' to Expose Lax Security

Oh, man. This is some straight-up Homer Simpson shit right here. Security guards at the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility—which houses the components to make over 10,000 nuclear bombs—not only failed to notice a group of activists climbing over the fence into their half-billion-dollar weapons-grade uranium… »9/14/12 2:50pm9/14/12 2:50pm