Overly Creative 'TNT' Wedding Favors Cause Airport Evacuation

Hard truth: Wedding favors (unless they’re edible) often suck. No one wants to carry home a trinket emblazoned with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, and none of us have space for three mason jars filled with colored sand. But they suck even more if they look like explosives and cause an airport to shut… »10/01/15 12:15pm10/01/15 12:15pm


Bomb Threat At Illinois High School Traced to Angry Teacher

Last week, a frightening note was found at Calhoun County High School in Hardin, Illinois. The note, which read "KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im tired of all the people here. Everyone is going down, the school will b n flames" was found in the women's bathroom of the school, leading authorities to evacuate the building and do… »5/05/14 9:40am5/05/14 9:40am