Very Stupid Man Who Bombed Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Arrested

Authorities have arrested a man suspected of planting a bomb on the windowsill of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin after the getaway video that was captured via surveillance camera leaving the scene got in an accident on the way to whatever other idiotic thing the driver was on his way to do. » 4/03/12 4:25pm 4/03/12 4:25pm

Man's Attempt To Ditch Sex And The City Trivia Game Blows Up In His Face

Yesterday a man dumped the Sex and the City trivia game on the steps of a Civil War memorial in Syracuse, New York, prompting a bomb squad investigation. The box's sinister contents: fluorescent pink question cards. [NY Magazine] » 6/03/09 5:20pm 6/03/09 5:20pm