Oh, Yay, a Political Drama in Which the US 'Saves' Another Country

Our Brand is Crisis, brought to you by the producers of Argo, stars Sandra Bullock playing another white savior type, this time as a US political envoy tasked with the glorious mission of literally SAVING Bolivia, even though—oopsies!!!—she doesn’t speak Spanish! Haha!! GOOD ONE, TRAILER. »9/08/15 6:00pm9/08/15 6:00pm


This Mennonite Colony Has a Crazy-Horrible 'Ghost Rape' Problem

Over the course of four years, 130 females of a Mennonite colony in Bolivia reported that they'd woken up with raging headaches, bits of rope in their hair, pain "down below," memory loss, and blood and semen stains on their sheets. For the townsfolk there was no other explanation: a demon was raping their women. »8/09/13 11:40am8/09/13 11:40am

Chagas: The Scary Disease Some Are Calling the New AIDS

Just when it seemed like all the super scary diseases had been discovered—flesh-eating bacteria, brain tapeworms, and, of course, HIV/AIDS, among many others—a new one comes along to bring fresh terror into our hearts. Introducing Chagas disease, which is caused by parasites that get into our bodies by way of… »5/29/12 10:00pm5/29/12 10:00pm