Babyist Bradley Cooper SLAMS Plastic Baby Co-Star. When Will It End?

The baby discrimination in Hollywood is ceaseless, and American Sniper is ground zero. Not only did the film utilize the services of a plastic baby who reached a level of perfection grossly unattainable to actual babies, but now star Bradley Cooper is unfairly SLAMMING the plastic baby he worked with. When will it end? »10/20/15 11:00am10/20/15 11:00am


Students Cover Mirrors in Girls' Restrooms to Deemphasize Appearance 

A group of seniors at Trinity Academy, a private Christian school in Wichita, Kansas, have papered over the mirrors in all the girls’ restrooms in an effort to promote positive body image. Rather than their reflections, female students are met with an array of Bible verses and old chestnuts on inner beauty. »9/01/15 6:20pm9/01/15 6:20pm

Media Is Setting an Unhealthy Beauty Standard for Dogs

“Why don’t I look like that,” the dog asks, putting his paw to the television. On the screen, four chubby golden retriever puppies bound down the stairs to an overflowing bowl of dog food. A single dog tear rolls from the dog’s dog eye as he watches the puppies, their bodies displaying a chunky perfection that he will… »7/17/15 3:10pm7/17/15 3:10pm

Victoria's Secret Acknowledges Outrage, Alters Its 'Perfect Body' Ad

Victoria's Secret should've known (and probably did) that it was getting into ugly territory when it launched a campaign called "The Perfect Body." The ensuing negative press—which came in all shapes and sizes, heh—has compelled the overpriced lingerie company to alter its slogan to read: "A Body for Every Body." »11/06/14 12:10pm11/06/14 12:10pm

​It's OK if You Like Gaining Weight When Pregnant and OK if You Don't

The battle royale over how much weight you are or are not allowed to gain during pregnancy rages on: In one corner of the Internet, a "stick-thin" mom says having a baby is just an excuse to get fat. In another, a woman argues that no woman has ever said the best thing about pregnancy is getting fat. They are both… »10/12/14 2:30pm10/12/14 2:30pm

We're Living in the Era of Body-Positive Wolf-Crying Run Amok

On the Emmy Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Lena Dunham wore a teal floral-print Prada gown and Claire Danes showed up in Armani. One's sartorial choice was panned, the other's lauded. Challenge: write about either woman's appearance without inducing knee jerk accusations of bodysnarking/thin shaming. YOU CAN'T DO… »9/25/13 2:20pm9/25/13 2:20pm

Yes, Samantha Brick Is Obnoxious, But the Daily Mail Is Trolling Us All

If you haven't heard (in which case you are either Helen Keller or dead), some woman named Samantha Brick wrote a million-word humble-brag in the Daily Mail about how terrifically difficult it is to go through life as a magnificent beauty. It's that same old trope you hear supermodels trot out on every late-night… »4/03/12 11:15pm4/03/12 11:15pm