Body Odor ID System Is the Next Generation of Disappointing Tech

If you think the future is going to bring us all awesome hover boots, weird sexrobots, and spaceships capable of ferrying us to Mars, it's time you lower your expectations because the next big technological innovation rumbling down the airport terminal is (drumroll) body odor identification systems, which will be just… »2/09/14 5:15pm2/09/14 5:15pm


Victory Against Hygiene Achieved At 150th Gettysburg Re-Enactment

One not-so-fun fact about the 150th reenactment of the Civil War battle at Gettysburg: The whole not being able to shower for three days thing. Perhaps this contributes to the long-held notion that reenacting was a boys' club — some women insist is still an issue, as many groups don't allow women to play soldiers or… »7/06/13 5:30pm7/06/13 5:30pm

Odorless Underarmers Walk Among Us, Buy Deodorant Just to Fit In

There exist among us, walking around as if they were also smelly animals, beings who do not produce any underarm odor, yet still insist on using deodorant, the better to hide their secret odor neutrality from the rest of the foul-smelling world. Some of these strange creatures might not even realize just how odorless… »1/17/13 10:00am1/17/13 10:00am

Edible Deodorant, for the Person Who'd Rather Eat Candy Than Shower Like a Normal Person

Good news for those of us who want to radiate perfume stink from the inside out: Beneo, a US health and nutrition company has teamed up with Bulgarian confectioner Alpi (whose website is very exciting) to develop Deo, a perfumed candy that's said to release a rose scent through a person's pores following consumption.… »11/08/12 2:40pm11/08/12 2:40pm

What To Do When You Realize That Horrible Smell Is You

Experts say that to eliminate body odor, one should stick to a diet rich in vegetables and take chlorophyll supplements and wear loose-fitting clothing and bathe regularly and always wear socks with closed-toe shoes and think only pleasant, floral thoughts. But that advice is worth fuck-all when you've spent the… »7/11/11 3:00pm7/11/11 3:00pm

New Study: A Dude's Stank Is In The Nose Of The Beholder

The smell of man sweat doesn't have so much to do with him as it does with us. According to a study in the journal Nature, a dude's B.O. is all about perception, due to a receptor gene. So for some people, a sweaty guy could smell like hoagies, for others he could smell like urine, and for others he could actually… »9/17/07 11:00am9/17/07 11:00am