Gender and the Body Language of Power

Philosopher Sandra Lee Bartky once observed that being feminine often means using one’s body to portray powerlessness. Consider: A feminine person keeps her body small and contained; she makes sure that it doesn’t take up to much space or impose itself. She walks and sits in tightly packaged ways. She doesn’t cover the … » 9/11/13 6:30pm 9/11/13 6:30pm

Men and Women Are Easily Distracted by Different Things When a Boring…

New research into what men and women look at while they're talking at each other's faces is bolstering the claim that men are more likely to misinterperet non-verbal cues than women, probably because men constantly being distracted by bright objects, kinetic in their peripheral vision. » 7/31/12 11:55pm 7/31/12 11:55pm

Snag Yourself a Man With These Handy Body Language Tips

Body language expert Tonya Reiman stopped by today's GMA to let you in on a secret. Turns out, when it comes to dating, non-verbal signals matter. Did your mind just get blown? Well, piece your brain back together because Tonya "Stop the Presses" Reiman has some advice for using your body to catch a man (assuming, of… » 1/18/12 12:30pm 1/18/12 12:30pm

Cosmo Takes The Fun Out Of Cuddling

In its ongoing quest to add maximum self-consciousness to every facet of life, Cosmo » 11/19/08 1:20pm 11/19/08 1:20pm brings us " in which you're apparently supposed to spy on your "man" while cuddling for "insight into his personality, naughty desires, and more." Because as we know, in land, why try direct communication when there are tricks and wiles…

Sarah Palin: John McCain's Mouth Says Yes, But His Body Says No

John McCain was on 60 Minutes » 9/21/08 8:30pm 9/21/08 8:30pm tonight and, naturally, the Arizona senator was asked about the foreign and economic policy "experience" of his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. While McCain can't find anything to recommend her on either point other than her experience cutting taxes (which might have paid for too many…