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Gender and the Body Language of Power

Philosopher Sandra Lee Bartky once observed that being feminine often means using one’s body to portray powerlessness. Consider: A feminine person keeps her body small and contained; she makes sure that it doesn’t take up to much space or impose itself. She walks and sits in tightly packaged ways. She doesn’t cover… » 9/11/13 6:30pm 9/11/13 6:30pm

Snag Yourself a Man With These Handy Body Language Tips

Body language expert Tonya Reiman stopped by today's GMA to let you in on a secret. Turns out, when it comes to dating, non-verbal signals matter. Did your mind just get blown? Well, piece your brain back together because Tonya "Stop the Presses" Reiman has some advice for using your body to catch a man (assuming,… » 1/18/12 12:30pm 1/18/12 12:30pm